Tool to automatically configure BIRD and unit test configurations, because proper BGP configuration for a carrier/ISP with a somewhat complete featureset is a complex task.

We will be using a new advanced network virtualization system that is capable of spinning up hundreds thousands of routers to create testing scenarios like this…

  • BGP configuration
    • Peer types: customer, internal, peer, rrclient, rrserver, rrserver-rrserver, routecollector, routeserver, transit
  • OSPF configuration
  • RIPv2 configuration
  • Python
  • BIRD - Bird Internet Routing Daemon
  • Networking protocols: BGP, RIPv2, OSPF
  • Network simulation using light weight network namespaces
  • nsnetsim - Network simulation
  • birdclient - Python library for parsing BIRD output
  • Conversion of code base from python 2 to clean python 3
  • Pull in static config
  • Unit tests
  • Pull in RIP configuration
  • Pull in OSPF configuration
  • Pull in BGP configuration
  • Support for RPKI
  • Tests tests tests!
  • Better documentation for nsnetsim code
  • Better documentation for birdclient code
  • Documentation for birdplan code
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