Python + Jinja2 + LaTex (+WeasyPrint) based document templating system.

The original software is written in Perl and uses TemplateToolkit and was written over the course of about 10 years.

I am converting this software to Python and making some things more pretty, at the same time adding better features based on hindsight.

This software is responsible for generating quotations and project proposals totaling 200-300 pages.

Currently just working on adding the following features…

  • LaTex document templating
  • API support
  • Quotations plugin/addon
  • Projects plugin/addon
  • Unit tests
  • HTML document templating (support is somewhat added)
  • Web interface
    • Media support
    • Change control
    • PDF generation authorization
      • By default has DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT in red horizontal?
  • Document wizard
  • Pull code out of internal Perl project
  • Quotes addon
    • Products addons
  • Projects addon
    • Pricing addonds?

Generate a PDF document from a jinja template… (creates document.pdf)

docplate document.tex
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